Nearly ready…..

Posted: June 10, 2014 in Daily Posts

So tomorrow I go to Wokingham to fetch my toys and furniture etc.
A bit sad, but can’t wait to get started at the new place.

It’s all going well, most of the decorating is done, curtains up, floor down, furniture in, including a sofa bed.

The decking is being built in the courtyard out the back, which is completely secluded and will feature a patio area with heavy concrete weights to tie your sub too!
The bathroom, has become a wet room in effect and will feature an HUGE 120cm x 70cm shower tray, especially for pissplay.

The main playroom is looking stunning and I’ll have new pics up early next week, once we’ve taken them, plus is really lovely and warm with central heating, so prancing around in just my knickers, stockings and heels will be a delight!

I’m looking to do some longer abandonment and heavy bondage sessions in the new place, and have a superb isolation cell, with one way glass complete with ceiling hook for arms and spiders and creepy crawlies…for the wimps among you.

Can’t wait to get started!!!!

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