Busy weekend…

Posted: March 31, 2014 in Daily Posts

Goodness, what a weekend.

A longggggggggggggg photoshoot on Saturday involving cream cakes, ties, red paint and a pair of fox ears, not all at the same time, but it was fun and just wait till you see the pics!! I look dead sexy in some of them…:-P

Sunday was Wokey Ropey, which was brilliant. Played from 1.30pm till 6pm… with barely a slurp of tea in between. Lovely people and the main sound you hear at Ropey is laughter, which is just the way it should be. Oh and mass consumption of jaffa cakes.

We can do it all over again in three weeks time….wheeeeeeeeee!!

Today is ‘catch up with paperwork day’ oh joy….not!

I need to be bought lunch/dinner/presents/ or get a massage from a willing sub….failing that a person to cane the arse off of!

No takers? Okay I’ll have another cup of earl grey then…:: blows raspberry::


MM x

  1. Mistress,

    Your willing sub will be not only giving you a massage, but buying you dinner too. Sadly you have to wait until June though.

    Looking forward to serving you then.

    The willing sub

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