Let’s try that again…

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Daily Posts

Somehow I managed to put a PAGE on my trip to ‘Scotland’ the other day, instead of a post on my blog…d’oh!

So let’s try that again…

Had an excellent week last week.

Saturday morning we went up to Cumbria, spent the day in Ambleside, which was very busy, then out to Langdale and lunch in the Old Dungeon Ghyll and then off to Eskdale to stay in the Boot Inn.

Then Sunday was up to Falkirk and the Falkirk Wheel, which is an astonishing piece of engineering. Had a trip on it, and more lunch, then off to Stirling for the eve. It was cold, wet and dark so no pics from there sadly.

Monday morning was an early start heading to Applecross, via Rannoch Moor and the West Coast.

A stunning, very alpine climb up to the top of the 2053m pass and amazing views from the top across to Skye.

Fresh crab for lunch ( can you see a theme here?) and then a long drive up through Gariloch, Ullapool for provisions and on up to the very top.

Then a few days work  landscaping, decorating and fixing bits and pieces people have broken of damaged in the cottages.

Back on the train last Saturday. Never done the train trip before from Inverness, but it was okay. Not wild about the football fans who crammed into the carriage in Brum, but they didn’t stay on long thankfully. Never has the work ‘fuck’ been used so much in so many conversations.

Pics below, enjoy….

Replies welcome...

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