Good vibrations…

Posted: February 25, 2014 in Daily Posts

No, I haven’t gone all Beach boys, don’t panic.

The good vibrations come from yesterdays session.

We discovered that the audio mic with the new electro-stim kit works better with vibration that with sound. So guess who spent a large part of yesterdays session pretend clog dancing , tapping her feet to the music, tapping her large canes on the floor and generally doing anything she could to try to create little and not so little shock waves to frighten the crap out of her sub :-)

Oh yes, the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Each little tap, snap or bang bringing on a sudden surge of electricity to his nether regions. Of course he couldn’t see what I was doing, being tied down and blindfolded…ahh, what a shame…..:-P

Oddly, he thoroughly enjoyed it, and I’ll be going for a wider range of noises next time….

  1. Mistress, I couldn’t hear, but my imagination ran riot just hearing the noises from your heels tapping the floor. Let’s just say don’t give up Domming for tap dancing. I’ve never been secured to a bench with electrics attached and working and burst out in fits of laughter before. Can I just say that the session was very different and very enjoyable. You said in an earlier blog that you wanted to get fitter this year, and My getting into the zone seemed to make you dance harder to get a reaction. It’s my gift to you, for a while there I was your personal trainer. (thinks, I’m going to be paying for these comments in June).

    Mistress, you are aware what happens to me when electrics are used on me sometimes. could this be a new version of “Strictly Come Dancing”.

    Your Willing Sub

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