Burst tyres…

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Daily Posts

Today sucks so far…

This morning, leaving home, going to drive through regular puddle down the road, nothing coming round corner, I enter the water, second gear, slow and steady through the middle of the road. Look up – black BMW from now where, now ploughing directly towards me. I wave at him to go back, he has just entered water, I am 1/4 way through, up to about 6 inches, he accelerates, straight down the middle, bow wave so high, it goes up over my car, I end up having to move to the side of road, where it’s deeper, narrowly missing hedge flopping into road, hit HUGE pothole, something goes bang.

I say ‘Shit’ loudly, concentrate on not stalling the now slowing car, with moron now right next to me, drenching my car, followed by another moron, drenching my car and carefully drive 50 meters out of water….feeling car lurching to one side thinking ‘Bollocks, suspension damage.’
No, thankfully, two burst tyres. Both drivers side, huge holes in tyre walls.

If I could get my hands on said BMW driver, he’d be no longer breathing.

I have been driving through this large puddle for about 6 weeks now. All the locals have, except when pouring with rain, cos then it’s too deep. It sits on the road and gets to  about 12 inches or so.
You go slow, second gear, keep the water moving away from you, one at a time, through the centre of the road.

WT flying Fuck did this guy think he was doing?? Rally cross???

I called my lovely garage man who had a mate come and recover me, which with a 2 tonne car requires a SERIOUS break down truck.
As we drove away, a transit came through the water and out the other side with a flat front…
So if you have a small light car, you can get away with it, if you have a 2 tonne monster/transit/truck like mine, you cannot it seems. They think the hole is so deep you are driving over the hardcore underpinning the road, which of course is jagged rocks, like most road hardcore.

Day ruined, couldn’t get to work, let a photographer down. Car fixed now but several hundreds pounds, two new tyres and a track rod end later.

::head desk::

If you are living anywhere in Oxfordshire, with water on the roads…drive them carefully.
If you see a black BMW with a white male, dark hair about 50 in it, drive even more carefully or if you fancy doing me a favour, kick the guys ass.

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