Give me strength…

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Daily Posts

I do so enjoy driving an hour to the dungeon just to be told by a sub he’s going to be at least 30 mins late…and then on being told, where he is, working out that actually it’s going to be a minimum of at least an hour probably more with roadworks, M4 afternoon traffic etc…

Thank you for wasting my time…

It’s at moments like this I wish I did wrestling like Ms Dynamo….cos I could do with working off my fury.

First rule of seeing a Domme…never be late.

  1. Belk says:

    This happened to me once, unexpected traffic, I was fretting.
    In the end, the Mistress I was visiting didn’t have another appointment so she was able to dish out a little more punishment I was not expecting – and it DID hurt!!!

    • Mephisto says:

      Well that’s fine if it’s just a few minutes late and no appointment afterwards and presumably you apologised and she accepted it. I wasn’t so luck today.

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