Tough as old boots.

Posted: November 1, 2013 in Daily Posts

It’s always an interesting conundrum to me that men come to be to be a tough,strong dominant woman. But apparently only on their terms… My terms only.

If I say ‘pay a deposit’, I don’t mean ‘I can pay in a weeks time please hold that date for me Mistress’. Nope.

If I say ‘send me your info by return’ I don’t mean ‘ oh I’m a bit busy I’ll mail you next week’. Nope.

If I send a mail asking to confirm a session, I expect a prompt reply. Or otherwise I may book someone else in your spot…cos I am BUSY!!!

In the last week I have taken my mother and youngest sprog away for a few days, spent a day in hospital and tomorrow will run a party for 30 people.
You may have nothing more going on in your life than a pile of fluff under your bed and a head full of wishful thinking, I have a bit more.

I expect promptness, politeness and deference.
If not you go in file 13 and will never be thought of again, because I am a DOMINANT WOMAN…not just for the two hours you are with me, but always, everyday, permanently.

Replies welcome...

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