I’m BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Daily Posts

Did you miss me??

Of course you did.

I did my first water aerobics class this morning in 9 months…it was fabulous and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed splashing about in the pool.

A couple of weeks of that and I can go back to aerobics and circuit training and then end of the month, after I’ve been to Scotland, I’ll sign up to the Gym again. I used to have one of those packages where you can swim, do gym, and go to classes all in the daytime or weekends. I stopped paying for it when I started to feel crap last year, cos I never went. But now I can go back to it, especially as we’re moving towards the later half of the year and dog walks tend to get shorted and wetter!

Nothing wet today though, apart from the pool, it’s glorious here, cool breeze, lovely day.

So today’s agenda? A mountain of paperwork and mails to begin with, I did do some at 7am this morning, but a few more now.
As well as sessions, I have ‘The AnythingGoes Club‘ stuff, the ‘Cake and Canes‘ stuff, and now also a new event ‘Wokingham Rope‘.
First event 15th September 3-9pm.

Looking forward to it hugely, and then there is the new Oxfordshire Munch which I’m hoping to get involved in doing in September. I think it might be the ‘Old Farts Hang out at a Country Pub and drink beer type of munch’ which could be a lot of fun once a month.

I’m wondering if a munchy, ropey, playing sort of an event in Wokingham might work once a month too….not sure…full of ideas at present.

I’m also going to be sorting out a new phone number for subs and slaves to contact me on to book sessions. I’m in two minds as I did it for about 6 months a couple of years ago and ended up with just two paying sessions out of about 50 calls. I appreciate some subs like to talk to a Mistress first but…geezz, are they really the subs I want? Probably not. Timewasters or shallow, or topping from the bottom.
We’ll see….

Right sarnie first…then mails…


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