Planning for world domination…

Posted: July 27, 2013 in Daily Posts

All this enforced inactivity is a tad  boring, but sadly at the moment necessary. But that hasn’t stopped the brain from ticking over nicely…..

so been doing a huge amount of turning out and tidying at home. God, I keep so much crap…but it’s all possibly useful crap :-P I hat throwing things away. However, I don’t have endless cupboard space.

So today was trip to the local donkey sanctuary ‘the wonky donkeys’ as they are known locally, to donate loads of stuff, and then to have a good rummage around of course and buy loads more stuff! I resisted mostly although found a really lovely matching watch and bracelet in chunky art deco style silver, with big amber stones inset into the design.

I never wear gold, only silver, or platinum if I’m lucky, and this is exactly my style and a snip. Just needs a new battery for the watch, which is  quartz movement so a fairly decent one.

I’m very happy to donate to this place as the volunteers do a magnificent job and I’m rather fond of donkeys as they triggered my love of horses having been sat on one at the tender age of three!

Watched the F1 practice on Sky, lucky me, and Hamilton is first tomorrow, but will he hang on with Vettel up his bum? I doubt it somehow.

And now the rain is bucketing down, thunder and lightening and it’s marvellous as it’s watering new plants in my garden and filling up the pond for the frogs.  I think it’s TV night tonight and more planning for the website in a few weeks…

watch this space….

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