I get sent the nicest things…

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Daily Posts

Today it was a straitjacket!


Oh…came in a box that looked like a huge box of chocolates all pink and black, but no, it had a lovely black straitjacket in…

Can’t wait to give it a go, sadly that will be several weeks now, cos I’m on sick leave. Two weeks exactly till my operation and I could’ve worked up until that date but I have been feeling really unwell and I was beginning to worry about not being 100% in session. If I’m not firing on all cylinders and something goes wrong…then it’s a problem.

So I’ve packed up now…and I’ll do housey things and enjoy this warm weather until I go in.

I hope not tp be in for more than 3 or 4 days, and then I’ll have about a months recovery :-( which is going to be very tedious.

I have already had one sub offer to take me for a nice lunch, and of course my Mr Ever reliable will have his magic fingers for a massage when I can get over to him, but other wise it’s going to be exceedingly boring.

So recommendations for books, films, etc etc would be good. Even games to play on computer, as I’m not one much for that.

I hope I’ll be back to work around 16th September….once I’ve go the initial healing over, then it’s time to regain my fitness in preparation for being taught to wrestle with Mistress Dynamo…hahaah!!!

I’ve always wanted to chuck a guy on the floor and flatten him…now I will learn how to without killing him!!!!

Replies welcome...

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