The sun is bringing them all out…

Posted: July 8, 2013 in Daily Posts

…no, not the butterflies but the time wasting tosspots.


I feel I should stick this in bold print and size 20 Verdana or neon lights or something….


I am in charge.

I choose who I see.

You do as I say.

You cannot manipulate me.

I don’t just do it for the money. 

Sending me pictures and a dozen mails a day does NOT make you less of a timewaster. 

Yes, I REALLY need a deposit for a first session.



I am a MISTRESS ….not your wife, secretary, tart down the road, shop girl, barmaid, or friend of your wife.

Do NOT treat me the same way.

I will bite you….or even better I will ignore you, permanently, because you are insignificant and pointless.

GOT IT??????


Excellent, now fuck off and stop wasting my TIME,  I’m busy….dealing with REAL subs… :-)



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