A Rope Bunny wanted….apply within.

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Daily Posts
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I have been really enjoying the rope work I’ve been doing lately, but for obvious reasons I can’t spend a whole session tying people up…sadly.
So, and I’ll wait for the deluge, I am looking for a male sub who wants to be a rope bunny for me to practice ties, wraps and suspension on.

Now, you need to be fairly fit…not overweight, no taller than 6ft (cos otherwise I just can’t reach). No age limit but you have to be able to touch your toes and not have any serious health issues. I need to be able to think about what I am doing, not whether you’re having a heart attack…Seriously, fit lithe and not too heavy makes life a lot easier PLUS I am specifically trying to develop new chest and shoulder ties that work on guys. The ties that tend to be taught are for girls who have boobies to stop ropes falling off (and hips and bums at the other end to the keep bottom half ties on) Guys don’t have these handy squidgy bits, so ties need to work differently.

I have the Studio in Wokingham obviously to work in, but can also work at your place so Oxford/Reading bunnies will be favoured.
Days/evenings/weekends for practice are all available.

I am going to stress that this is purely rope practice. Nothing else!!! No other play, nothing else. No shagging, no cbt, JUST ROPE. I have a prime partner thank you!

So if you have the idea of starting with rope and then persuading me to do other things to you…forget it.
However, you may obviously want to come along to the AnythingGoes parties I am involved in where club play is obviously available.

Replies welcome...

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