My feet ache…

Posted: May 20, 2013 in Daily Posts
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Yes, we did a lot of walking.
Had a lovely weekend in London.

Started off a bit pants when we discovered the hotel booking was for a single room, not a double. Cosy but not necessarily useful! So having had a completely hopeless time trying to deal with eejits on the phone to fix it, we gave up and booked a double room at a cheap place out in Docklands, as most central places were full.

Which, in hindsight, was interesting. The revamped Docklands area is very weird…it’s like stepping into the set of a modernistic sci fi film. Like a modern version of ‘The Prisoner’.
Saturday morning at 11am there was no one about!!!

It’s all very tidy and neat and modern and with lots of bits of the Thames to look at, but where we were by East India it is a bit…weird.
We dumped our bags and then took the cable car over the river, which was stunning, and a good start to the day, but umm…it’s a bit of a carbuncle the cable car. Goes from the Dome to Victoria Dock, and is kind of…weird as well. Was there supposed to be something stunning to see in Victoria dock to entice ppl to use it?

Anyhow, the view was worth the trip.
Then we did the Golden Hinde, Clink Museum (very tame but the shackles were sexy), Borough Market, then off to the Eye, which was terrific, but standing in the queue for 30 mins listening to the dozens of languages around us was also fun. Trying to identify them. As a Londoner (Yes a real one, I was born in the Streatham), it makes you feel quite proud to have so many people coming to see the city.

My better half hadn’t been on the Eye before and thoroughly enjoyed it, as did I for the second time.
Then it was off to China town for dinner, and then a wander and drinks in Covent garden, before back to the hotel quite late with seriously sore feet.

Sunday morning was a the Pompeii exhibition at the British Museum. It was okay, but umm…I felt it could’ve been better. The actual casts of the people, were exhibited on plain black backgrounds like piece of art almost, where as I think with a backdrop of a representation of the place they had been found would’ve made them more ‘human’.
Some of the frescos were stunning, and the porn was good too.
I think I would’ve enjoyed being a Roman with their liberal sexual attitudes.
Having fought the crowds, ogled the Rosetta stone, and Lord Elgin’s Marbles…(not round ones, the Pantheon ones) we came home.

I love spending time in London, but I’m also really pleased to leave it all behind for my little provincial town…

Back to work now…


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