Posted: May 16, 2013 in Daily Posts
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After a few deeply hectic weeks, myself and my better half have a weekend away in Londinium planned.
Please pray it stays dry, as I’d like a good view from the top of the Eye this time (last time it was cloudy) and I’d love to be able to tromp round the city with dry feet for a change.

Not sure what else to do at the mo…I have tickets for the British Museum on Sunday morning for the Pompeii exhibition, and I’d dearly love to just do galleries all day, but don’t want to bore my dearly beloved too much with picture ogling.

The Golden Hinde perhaps? The Globe for a play? The Tower of London is always fun and although I tend to linger in the room with the Scavenger’s Daughter way too long.

I had a brochure from the Tower of London, with a picture of that on it as a kid, and I loved that picture and used to think about who I’d like to lock inside it. Umm..yes, Dommes are born not made. I loved torture kit from an early age and you’d be amazed at the fun that can be had as a 9 year old with a point stick with a piece of holly stick in the split end of it. Oddly enough I only ever wanted to chase the boys with it…:-)

Oh and in case you don’t know what a Scavenger’s Daughter is…

Tower of London

Tower of London

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