Being useful

Posted: May 15, 2013 in Daily Posts
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I often get mails from subs, who seem the think that begging will get them a session. Whiney mails of ‘Oh Mistress’ I’m so fabulous, you must see me’.

Well, no dear, I won’t.

As a rule I don’t have any personal subs. I don’t feel the emotional need for one, at this present time and already have a prime partner. So any sub in my life is on a professional basis, however, that does not mean that our relationship does not step outside of session boundaries, and the reason they do, is because the sub is USEFUL to me.

He may be entertaining to talk to, have useful skills or trades. In short he can offer me something I want or need ( and no, I don’t mean gifts)

So, if you’re a sub who is failing to find a Mistress, either personally or professionally, stop whining and make yourself useful. If you have a trade – offer it. If you can learn a new skill – then do so. Massage is a good one – feet, head, body.
Obviously maiding is good. But that means you really have to tidy up, and really have to serve at events. Not flounce around being a nuisance. You won’t get asked again.

In short you need to really be submissive. To really want to serve and to aid and be of service to a Mistress. You will be remembered, appreciated and THEN you will get more of Mistress’s precious time.


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