Posted: May 10, 2013 in Daily Posts
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Ahh, GP practice number one is one while I finish the last leg of the ‘cookathon’, for lovely nibbles for tomorrow eve’s AnythingGoes Party.
I think almost everything is homemade this time, fruit cake and cupcakes, honey roast ham. Mediterranean veg and cheese, brie and red onion chutney and egg and bacon tartlets – for all the tarts of course…
Pork and apple and pork, sage and onion sausage rolls.
Then I’ll make a selection of baguettes tomorrow morning to take over as well.


Got to get fetch antibiotics for my doglet today, as he has gooey ears AGAIN! This time the V-E-T (I have to spell it cos he knows what it is!!) is testing the gunk from his ears, to find out what goo it is so he can have an antibiotic the will target those bugs and hopefully finally get rid of it permanently.

Sorry, going from food, to gooey is a bit of a bummer, apologies…lol.

Anyhow, next job is to decide what I am wearing tomorrow….
that could take a couple of hours…lol


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