Who ordered beans?

Posted: May 4, 2013 in Daily Posts
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Is it me or is it a bit windy across the British Isles today?
Blimey, it’s enough to ruffle your toupee.

Thank heavens that I managed to do my best Titchmarsh impression and get all my gardening down yesterday, on a rare day off. And I’m enjoying today, tomorrow and Monday too, cos the rest of the month is a bit bonkers.
Next weekend is The AnythingGoes party, the weekend after my better half is whisking me off to London for the weekend and the weekend after that it’s work!

Ho hum…so I’m now enjoying the view from my newly cleaned big picture window in my lounge of all my dinky little bedding plants flapping away in the breeze. If it’s frosty tonight, we’re in trouble, but I doubt it will be, it’s too windy!

Anyhow, back to tidying kit…..


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