A ‘Proper’ Mistress

Posted: April 19, 2013 in Daily Posts
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Yes, I tried to avoid the word ‘real’ as it smacks of smartarseism…

But I do get quite frustrated with subs who contact me, who don’t seem to get it.

Perhaps my website doesn’t come across correctly, do I need to re-write it?
I don’t see you for a session to flatter your ego or dabble in your self-centred fantasies. Nor to fulfil your sexual desires.

If your fantasy is to be a slave or submissive to a powerful dominant woman, then we’re on the right track. If you fantasy is to have a woman do nice things to you, you like…well then your wasting your time.

If your fantasy is an activity I enjoy, then I’ll enjoy doing it to you, and you’ll enjoy suffering for me. But the point is, your are doing it for me….

Do I need to repeat that bit, or have you all got it now?

A submissive is a person who submits to the will of a dominant person for the dominants pleasure, and achieves satisfaction in having pleased them.

As the relationship between the Dom/me and sub builds, over time and numerous sessions, the activities they do tend to become, harder, more intense, more edgy and the Dominant can then, if they choose push the sub to do activities they don’t like, as an example of exercising their will over them. They may also choose to reward or indulge their sub if they so wish.The Dominant should exercise care over the submissive at all times and in all ways.The submissive should strive to please the Dominant to the best of their ability.

That to me is the nutshell of what is a D/s relationship. Either professionally or personally.

This what I believe and practice, every day. It’s not an act, game or role play. I am a fully dominant woman in all areas of my life, professionally, personally and in business. It is like breathing to me.
Therefore to expect me to submit to what you want, is not going to happen. If I don’t submit to anyone in my personal life, why am I going to do it to a sub in a session??

I will admit to many it’s not easy to understand, but if you have questions then ask.

Replies welcome...

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