Posted: April 12, 2013 in Daily Posts
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As a rule I’m pretty easy going, as long as you do what I say:-P
But seriously, I am so liberal you could send Shirley Williams round for a cuppa and I’d be delighted to see her.

Everyone, in my universe can do what they want as long as ‘You do no harm’. Which is kind of my mantra in life.
I’m not religious, but if you are, that’s fine, just don’t shove your beliefs onto me.
If you are conventionally married and happy, cool. That’s just fine.
If you’re in a poly wolly doo dah arrangement with a dozen people and you all love each other, that is equally fine.
If you are single, live in an igloo in Northumbria and wish to dance naked in the moonlight, that is also cool, if possibly a bit nippy.

I’ve recently been involved in getting a new club up and running. It’s small but perfectly formed and it’s based on the central belief that ‘In a BDSM club you can do anything you wish with a partner as long as it’s consensual and you clean up the mess’. That’s it. Easy rules. Be nice to everyone, be tolerant and even if it’s not your sort of activity, keep your opinions to yourself and you do NOT have the right to comment in a derogatory way.

There seems to be a huge movement in life now, some might say sparked from the money grabbing ’80’s kicked off by a recently deceased Mrs T, where people have the RIGHT to say and do anything they like.

Well not if you do it provocatively and with no care to the feelings of others, not in my book. That’s how wars begin. Ask the Koreans…

Online at the moment are several new BDSM sites establishing themselves, and as you tend to get with new places, a bit of bedding in is going on. This always seems to entail loud mouth self opinionated twats shouting down other people.
This shouting down is usually dressed up as ‘their opinion’ which they are entitled to espouse at others.

I have never quite understood this. There are a million different ways of being into and practising BDSM. From Ann Summers fluffy cuffs through to life time slavery agreements. It’s ALL good.
It’s all personal and what suits each person/couple/group. None of it is wrong.

It is also the reason, although a highly articulate person who loves a bit of a debate, I don’t use on line forums any more. Too many people have the ‘RIGHT’ to yell at others and it’s seen as lively debate.
They would never behave like that in the pub, or I would hope not.

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