Venting time…

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Daily Posts
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I have just spent over 7 hours at hospital, for a routine check up for one of my sprogs.
Two clinics, one we waited over 2 hours to see the doc, the second we waited an hour and a half only to be told there was a further 2 hour wait.
So having chatted to sprog, we came home, which is an hour’s drive.


For fucks sake, no wonder this country is in such a shit state.
If I ran my business in a similar way I would’ve gone broke a very long time ago!

For me, privatisation of bits of the NHS is a really good idea cos some Doc’s are rubbish at management. None of the nurses knew what was going on, the receptionist, who were getting all the slack were however, highly apologetic.

I bought a couple of cups of tea for little old dears who had been waiting ages on their own, with one of them having to go home cos her transport was booked and leaving and she had no choice. She was very upset.
Hats off to the lady with the toddler who sang, played games and generally entertained a really well behaved little boy for certainly over an hour and a half, cos she’d been there when we arrived.

AND I was charged £5 for the privilege of parking of course…

Now shit happens. Doctors get called away on urgent stuff, and do rounds in the morning, before seeing outpatients in the afternoon, but it really does seem to have become acceptable to be more than an hour late for any hospital appt.

Having specifically organised an appt during school hols, now I will have to take sprog out of school for an afternoon in June, yes, the next appt available!!!

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