Posted: April 2, 2013 in Daily Posts

I’ve spent a good part of today at Kestrels…with my fella and a lovely femsub with the most delicious tits.

Needless to say we played Scrabble, Charades and drank tea from china cups with our pinkies stuck out.

Like hell.

We shagged…a lot.
And then we did it again.

Then sat in the jacuzzi.

And it was loverly!

However, it was amusing as when we arrived we were the only three ppl there, no probs, showed fensub round, got a cuppa, headed for hot tub. But inevitably two girls and one fella in hot tub = single fellas home in like bees to a honey pot when they arrived.
So too close for comfort we moved to pool and blow me the bloody man followed us, so having grabbed femsubs tits in the water, I actually had to say ‘No ‘ to his face. What is it with blokes and no sense of the vibes ppl give out?
If I climbed uninvited into a tub, and within 5 mins everyone climbed out, you’d kind of think…’Okay so they want a little space’…not ‘I’ll follow them and make an arse of myself’.

Kind of annoying having told femsub friend that the place is lovely and never had any issues with grabby blokes. Typical!
Anyhow, she is armed with a ‘How to..’ guide now on dealing with irritating blokes.

He only ended up sitting in the hot tub outside our little room where we were shagging too…peering through the windows no doubt!!


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