Life can be a bit pants at times….

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Daily Posts
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I tend to try to only post positive info on my sessions here, due to the plain old fact that good news is good for business, and bad news is not. However, I have always felt that honesty is best.

Yesterday I had to do something I’ve never had to do and stop a session, about half way through.
I have been taking pain medication long term for a problem with my hip and had seen my doc a couple of days before and he’d changed my meds.
Unknown to me, I’m a very allergic to them!
So first day of taking them, I feel a bit weird but put it down to regular pain/discomfort and soldier on. Yesterday I wake up with a bit of a headache, but nothing dreadful, set off for work and get in full swing for the session.
However, about 2 hours into it and I suddenly start to feel extremely sick. I have 2 more hours to go, plus an hours drive home and I’m acutely aware I’m not going to last that long.
So we pack up, I refund my sub (the whole amount I might add) and we set off home.
I manage to drop him off and literally crawl home feeling like I have died. I manage to call my doctor’s surgery and to his credit he calls me straight back and confirms I’m having a severe allergic reaction that’s caused a shit storm of a migraine.
He says don’t take any more, and call me in the morning, unless you get worse. I then vomit and sleep for the next 12 hours.
Gee…that was a fun day!

Thankfully today I feel better. Still muzzy, but nothing more serious to do today than a dog walk.

I’ve also had a cold this week, although not taken anything for it, but not sure if I was a bit low already. Either way, it was not fun and I really don’t fancy doing that again any time soon.

So a nice quiet night tonight, I hope. Lots of sleep and then photo shoot tomorrow, which was put off from last week ( and has to be done tomorrow) and then a sightlier easy week next week. Phew….

Kudos to my sub from packing up and helping me get back and see you soon xx


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