Nearly Friday!

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Daily Posts

it’s good it’s nearly Friday, but I have to say I’m cross someone turned winter on again. It’s FREEZING over here in a deepest darkest rural Hoxfordsheer!
Tiny snow flurries too…hummm!!

Anyhow, it’s been a ‘humph’ sort of a week. Up’s and downs and goods and bads.
Lovely session yesterday doing things that haven’t been done for a while. I’ve often had comments on ‘Why don’t you say what you do in sessions?’ We for one they are private. What I do with my sub or slave in the time I’m with them is my business, plus it would be very boring writing, ‘I did this, then we did that, he did this and then I did that, then his cock fell off….’ not very exciting reading. Bit like a pervy shopping list really.
Writing about something that should be felt, experienced and enjoyed is a bit odd I always think. Bit like sending a postcard to someone at home when you’re away having a fine old time. You can say you’re really enjoying yourself but does the person at home really get that? Not really.

Anyhow, I have boring paperwork to do…prep for next week which is going to be very busy.


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