Posted: February 8, 2013 in Daily Posts

There is a real misunderstanding and misconception among many subs/clients who approach pro mistresses, that if you ask for a session they have to see you. AND if you are turned down then you have the right to create a bloody great stink about it.
Yes, you are buying a service as such from the Domme, but it’s not like having a new door built by a carpenter, or a a new drive laid by a landscaper etc (although I know plenty of tradesmen who are highly selective about who they will work for!)

I haven’t had any issue with this recently, but know a Domme who has and it’s a tough call putting your foot down and losing the client and the fee, but knowing if you do see them you’re just going to end up in a situation you really wish to avoid.

If you have applied for sessions and been turned down there is a very good reason for that, have a look at how you approached the Domme – she is not your ‘mate’ and most likely will have instructions on her website on how to approach her.
If she does rebuff you, then walk away. Sending a crappy email telling her you at the CEO of so and so company and no one turns you down…well, tough she just did. Maybe what you want is not her sort of thing and therefore it’s not personal?

Either way, it’s not a massive issue, just spend time looking for another Domme and go from there.


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