‘Django Unchained’

Posted: January 30, 2013 in Daily Posts
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Yes, I’ve been deeply naughty and been to the cinema during the daytime! Oh, doesn’t it feel like you’ve skivved off school when you do that???
Anyhow, what a marvellous film. It takes a really good film, book, play whatever to make me what to talk about it, but if you see one film this year, go see this one.
Tarantino makes me quiver all over. I LOVE his stuff and this one is no exception. It’s clever, witty, fun and most of all makes you THINK!
Beautifully shot, especially the shoot out sequences, very good. Nothing ridiculously gratuitous, great story, and Jamie Foxx is brilliant.

I can see why it’s caused disputes in the USA cos they use the word ‘nigger’ about 100 times in it, but it’s in context but I have to say the first time you hear it spoken it makes you open your eyes just a tad wider. Never has just one word provoked such a visceral reaction.
It is horrific in parts and deserves an 18, but the the U.S in 1850’s was not a fun place in many states.

I am not going to say anymore cos it will spoil it, and it deserves being seen.

Back to work tomorrow…no rest for the wicked and it’s rope practice on Saturday and helping to paint the studio on Sunday.

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