Today’s trek!

Posted: January 18, 2013 in Daily Posts
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So, with snow forecast I set off for Wokingham at 7.15 to await furniture arrival.
Arrived at 8am…with heavy snow falling.
Mistress Dynamo turned up at 9 and we waited, waited. One of my slaves arrived at half nine and he did some painting and we supervised (drank tea and waited to point out bits he missed, sadly he didn’t cos he’s too damn perfect!)
At 11 with so much snow falling it was a tad worrying, and no delivery, I set off back home…which I reached at 1.45pm. The snow itself wasn’t a problem but all the bloody twats who can’t drive in it.
First/second gear, let the car drive itself and just poodle but not too slowly.
DON’T jump on the brakes.
DON’T accelerate like Stirling Moss.
Gently does it.

To the bloke on the motorcycle going down the middle of the road with his feet sticking out each side…you deserve to have something horrible happen to you simply due to the number of motorists you terrified with your antics and the stream of traffic you held up for nearly 10 miles behind you!
To the lady coming down the big hill outside Henley WAY too fast, sideways…you should be shot…
To the poor coach driver I went past in a HUGE queue looking like he wanted to die…I hope you got going soon and ran over all the twats who were making things tens times worse than they should’ve been.
Plus I didn’t see a single gritter or plough the whole way. 30 miles…not a single one. The only snow clearing device I saw was a farmer with a home made plough on his 4×4…good for you Sir!
We are utterly shit in this country for dealing with snow!! Both preparing for it an dealing with it.
Spend a couple of weeks in Sweden in the winter…THEN nothing scares you!

Eventually Mr Parcelforce came with our goodies, and has dropped them with a neighbouring unit, so it’s just getting them and putting it all together. So a tad more patience is required….but fingers crossed we get sorted soon. At least they are in the right place..ish.

Now I need a glass of vino and a foot rub from a sub…I’ll settle for more tea and a bath.

  1. M says:

    LMAO. Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh. But there’s either that or cry in horror over your description of bad weather traffic D:

    We got about 30 cm of sno the past couple of days, so now we’re back up to 70 cm of snow depth again. You’re welcome back here any time :D

    • Mephisto says:

      I should get you to come over when we next have snow, but I’m scared I’d have to ship you back in a box cos you’d die laughing! It was truly appalling today. I don’t generally get road rage, but I did consider making an exception just for once and beating them all to death with the sharp end of my shovel, I had in the back of my car along with my grit and warm blanket and over trousers and extra warm coat…oh sorry does that sound like I am boasting….::pokes tongue out::

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