Speaking of rope…

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Daily Posts

Some of you may recall a couple of months ago I was having a fruitless search or coloured soft cotton rope. Well, I finally found some…on Lovehoney of all places!
Right under my nose.
So with a gentle wash and lots of use I’ll soon have some lovely soft fluffy rope. Right now it’s a bit tight but will soon fluff up.

There are lots of schools of thought for what rope to use for tying. Many love hemp and the like, but I like my rope to look dramatic and colourful on the pale skin of the body. So red or black soft cotton for me, something that doesn’t leave marks when pulled over the body or tied tightly.

Today is cleaning day, a weekly event, going over all my kit, sterilising and making sure everything is scrubbed cleaned. Tidying everything in a neat way so it’s easy to find and get hold of in my bags. I like neat and tidy!

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