2013 – some new session types.

Posted: January 3, 2013 in Daily Posts

A New Year! I hope you all had a good holiday season, and unlike myself did not have a hang over on New Years Day. A very rare occurrence to be hungover, but it was an excellent party at Exodus. Had a brilliant time, great company, beautifully dressed up people for the masked ball. Food was delicious, champagne was very naughty! That is two evenings recently where I’ve drunk champoo all night, ad both times been hung over….so no more of that then.
I go back be being a Newcastle Brown type of girl!!

I have a few new things planned this year.

I am looking to expand ideas for all day sessions, group sessions and domestic and personal service sessions.
So if you’ve ever fancied spending a whole day with Mistress..and who hasn’t, then now it can be done in my lovely new premises in Wokingham.
I’m looking for subs who can serve me and different capacity’s during sessions –
1) Foot massage, pedicures, manicures etc. Body massage – if you prove yourself good at doing my feet!
2) Domestic service in cleaning, tidying and sorting. PROPER work…not flitting about with a duster uselessly.
3) Being used as furniture during my daily work.
4) Serving me with drinks and food etc
5) Prolonged caging and restraint – up to 5/6 hours over a day – being ignored while full safety being maintained.

If you think you can be useful to me, then make a suggestion.
These style of sessions may well be of use to a sub who’s health is not so good – and/or they are carrying a current injury or impediment but wish to maintain a submissive relationship.

The longer sessions will be at very good rates.
No overnights are available, but a full day will be from 10am to 4pm – at £300.
Note this will not include a full play session – that’s a different, shorter more intense session. However, chastisement to certain levels may well be part of the day if you turn out to be completely useless!!!

Replies welcome...

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