Seasonal misbehaviour…

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Daily Posts
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I have discovered holly is a lot more useful than I’d previously imagined, with yesterdays sub spending a great deal of our session with it down his pants.
There he was thinking I’d tell him to strip as normal, which I did until he got got to his Calvins. Then I shoved to large handfuls of holly, without berries down the front and back, then proceeded to do a little impromptu circuit training for 30 mins.
Star jumps, press ups, sit ups, stretches and bends…finishing with a quick sprint round the garden in about 2 degrees, sadly the frost had melted. I, of course, sat comfortably whilst watching all this.

Planning a session to the ‘nth’ degree can be fun, but random ideas inspired by a lump of prickly holly on a mornings pre session dog walk can be just as much fun. Plus the fellow dog walkers I met, probably think I was going to use it for decorations! Little do they know…


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