Posted: November 28, 2012 in Daily Posts
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Yesterdays sub made the grave mistake of turning up to see me improperly shaved. Little tufts of half shaved and missed hairs decorating his bits.
Silly boy.
I made no comment, when I’d inspected him, but once he was hooded, and firmly restrained he discovered the definition of agony.
I spent almost an hour plucking out each one, very slowly and precisely. Some were quite firmly attached and needed more than one tug.
Then having removed them all, I had some nice antiseptic Germolene to rub on him, he seemed to find that amusing and groaned a lot.
Having enjoyed the lesson on ‘How to prepare myself for Mistress properly’ we then proceeded to ball kicking with my nice shiny patent boots on, with him kissing each toe after each kick.

Where ever he is today, I expect his balls don’t love me…:-)


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