New Venue – Wokingham

Posted: November 3, 2012 in Daily Posts

I had a very enjoyable meeting with a nice young lady last night, a Miss Dynamo, who is a Pro Domme and model and has a new venue for modelling and pro sessions just outside Wokingham.
The studio is easy to find, discreet, parking is good and the venue itself offers more scope for different styles of sessions that at the moment I cannot do.
It has a small dungeon style room, but it also has a dressing area, and lounge and bedroom. So I can offer domestic sessions – with cleaning and attending me in a more personal capacity, more advanced cross dressing sessions with full make up etc, more photographic opportunity’s – with me taking pics of you in various situations and styles, plus I think the venue will be excellent for sessions with more than one sub at a time.

At present it doesn’t have a shower, but does have washing facilities. It will have a shower next year. It also has a small selection of kit at present, but that’s not an issue as you all know how good I am a improvisational play!!
It doesn’t have any suspension rig as it’s too low, but that’s a more specialised area really and I’d prefer to do that at Ess and Emm really.

There are pics in the Gallery on Dynamo’s website here

I’m very excited about the place and as many of you know have been looking around for places to expand my ideas for sessions incorporating regular activities with new ones.

The fee’s for the place are good and my own fees would be able to stay the same as Reading ie £200 for 2 hours etc

Replies welcome...

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