Lack of professionalism

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Daily Posts

Okay, I’m in a grumpy mood. Rant ALERT!!

I’ve had a brilliant week sub wise, with two excellent sessions and various bookings taken, from subs who have read my site, applied the right way etc, etc and so all booked and fab. I didn’t even mind having to spend a while picking the wax out from under my finger nails last night….

Now if only I could get the rest of the bloody world to be as professional. What is it these days with people being ‘relaxed’ ‘chilled out’ and taking days and days to send a two word reply or answer an email?

I have been trying to set up a meeting with Mr A for three weeks now. At his behest. He contacted me.
So far after nearly 20 texts, emails and a phone call we are no nearer. He is slow, obtrusive, sloppy, casual in the extreme and so I sent him a mail saying ‘Forget it’. So does he get his finger out and make amends and sort out a day for a meeting? No…silence.
So what was the fucking point of contacting me in the first place? Boredom? Too much time in your life to fill up?

Now if he was the only person to behave like this you could write it off to experience, but no. Hands up who has to deal with people like this every day? Yeah, I thought so. Loads of you.
In fact isn’t it a positive joy to deal with someone who is efficient, organised and with it enough to get back to you or sort out a meeting date in less than 6 hours/one working day.
Also how many of you get texts from people after 11pm? I wouldn’t dream of texting anyone after that time, and actually turn my phone off, but it seems amazingly common to not worry as to whether you are disturbing someone and text them late at night.

Maybe I’m turning into Victoria Meldrew but no wonder our economy sucks at the moment!!! Get a grip folks…reply to that email quickly, persist in the phone call till you get hold of the right person. MAKE AN EFFORT.

Oh…hang on…actually…don’t…cos then you leave all the business for us and money earning opportunities to those of us with a touch of professionalism…

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