Posted: October 5, 2012 in Daily Posts
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I usually have over 500 readers of my blog everyday….so how come now one says ‘Hello’….or better still books a half dozen sessions over a couple of months :-P

Anyhow, no serious pearls of wisdom today except today I’m auditioning for a porn film company…yes, seriously.

And ended up chatting at length to a friend about ’50 shades of grey’. She is vanilla with a kinky twist when pushed and she was saying suddenly every day person in her work place is reading the damn book, and how embarrassing it is that for most vanillas it’s the first taste many of them have of a so called bdsm relationship.
Also, as she works in the literary world, apparently it’s really badly written and edited. (She is a librarian btw so has to read all sorts of crap)
Last thing she said was…there are three books….
::shudder:: one was bad enough.

Lastly, I’m off to my ‘spa’ club tomorrow. I doubt the sun will be out, but will enjoy the sauna, hot tubs and pool.
A willing slave to give me a massage might be nice too….


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