Posted: September 20, 2012 in Daily Posts
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I am finally, after about 10 very hard days of moving stuff, building stuff, putting stuff up, taking stuff down, and loading into a ruddy great lorry – finally done. Whoo hoo!

It’s been an odd year for people moving, as I’ve had three people close to me all move…one after the other in the space of literally about 8 weeks. So you can appreciate why life has been a bit bonkers. But we’re done now and can enjoy the fruits of the decorating and labours and I can regrow a set of decent nails and hope the bruises on my arms disappear soon.

I managed to find the time take a long walk with the dog today. I say find the time, but more like had to give in from the glaring as he hasn’t had a long one in a few days. When your dog pouts at you it’s a bit like being confronted by a sulky sub who’s spent too much time without a Mistress!
So we went out, in the nice autumn sunshine and I can’t get over how many squirrels there are this year. Normally we see the odd one or two, but we saw five in a a very short space of time, and much to Mutley’s deep annoyance…they don’t play, but run up trees. Cue much barking and bouncing at the bottom of the tree, even more pouty than before.

Thankfully a couple of lobs of his ball and he cheered up.
I have one of those curved stick things, you attach the ball to the cup end and the launch it into space for a couple of hundred yards before it descends into the undergrowth and creates a lot of snuffling and rooting around fun. He loves it and so do I, cos I throw like a girl am useless otherwise for ball games. (Not the ball games you are thinking of….)

So cuppa time now….do a few mails then maybe, just maybe feet up for half an hour…oh, what luxury!!!


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