Busy Busy…

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Daily Posts

I’ve been recently helping a family member to move house, and it all happened last weekend. I’m pleased to report it all went well. No breakages, apart from my nails…no calamities part from an over dose of cups of tea…

I have spent most days this week unpacking and yesterday built a new set of shelves in an alcove, from scratch I hasten to add, and they look excellent. Just need painting, cos they are in MDF, but very pleased with them.

The nice thing about DIY is that the tools give you lots of pervy ideas….pliers, braddles, spanners and the like. Nothing nicer than thinking pervy thoughts while doing something boringly vanilla.

So with not much left to sort out it’s back to regular work next week… so looking forward to seeing you soon


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