Sunday Lunch.

Posted: September 9, 2012 in Daily Posts
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Sunday lunch today involved no food, but nipple clamps, electrics, rope, a long horse whip and a nice leather hood, among other things.
I hope very much the young man in questions has very sore nips tonight and they rub on the inside of his shirt tomorrow at work…hehehe!

And now having watched a certain Mr Hamilton win the Monza GP, a touch by default as half the field retired…but he won never the less.

It’s closing time for the Paralympics, which have been, I think, better than the other ones. Disabled my ass….these athletes make the rest of us lard asses look like…lard asses.
Passion, power, persistence – fuck me they are awesome!
And I was ruminating on the fact I have seen more limb stumps, prosthetic legs and powered wheelchairs on TV in the last two weeks, than in the previous 10 years.
A huge slap on the back for Channel 4, they have made the Paralympics cool by being deeply irreverent and a lot less po faced than us Brits usually manage.
A poke in the eye for NBC in the states, who are doing an hour a day….so much for an inclusive country.

Being disabled is not fun, I have a disabled child so I kind of know.
Being stared at is not fun, so just remember the next time you are staring at someone who looks different to you…they might have a paralympic medal – something you’ll never have!

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