Chelsea Flower Show

Posted: May 26, 2012 in Daily Posts

Had a lovely day yesterday walking around Chelsea Flower Show.
We took the clipper boat from London Bridge down to Cadogan pier and walked up Chelsea embankment to the show. It was lovely and warm but the wind, or ‘light breeze’ the weather lady had predicted in the morning, was actually a force 6 gale….

However, apart from having a lot of birch pollen up[ my nose and in my eyes making me explode in dramatic fashion every few minutes, it was a lovely day. Lots of nice ideas for my garden, and lots of lovely ideas which I just need a larger garden for!
I fell in love with some lovely driftwood sculptures, and will try to find an online shop or someone who sells them locally. I didn’t fancy carrying half a tonne of wood on the bus home!

Got some new plant ideas for my front garden, and veggie ideas for my back garden, which this year looks more like Covent garden than ever before! Spuds, toms, courgettes, lettuce by the gross, radishes, spring onions etc etc. Yummy!

So after yesterdays half day in London town, and doesn’t everywhere look smart and clean and painted and so forth! All for the Queens festivities I expect? Today is BBQ, GP qualifying and a bit of relaxation.

Back in the saddle on Monday….


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