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I’ve been out this afternoon, to see ‘The Best exotic Marigold Hotel’ which I can thoroughly recommend.
Highly amusing although I think you need to be 40+ to really get it all.
Some of my favourite actors are in it, including the lovely Bill Nighy. He made such a fabulous ‘Slartybartfast’ in ‘Hitchikers’ one of my favourite stories. I love the book as much as the film and TV series.

Other favourites books and writers are ‘A Clockwork Orange’ by Anthony Burgess. Anything by J.G. Ballard and all the Dick Francis novels, cos I’m a sucker for a good horse based yarn.

I’ve often joked I should have a library instead of a lounge…I read more than I watch TV.

Sunday tomorrow and a possible trip to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford might be on the cards, weather and ironing dependant. (Oh for a good domestic slave!)
They recently had a complete renovation of certain galleries and I’ve had a brief wander around, but not an extensive one. So we’ll see how much time I have tomorrow, a visit may have to wait another day.

I’ve had a lot of trips out recently with friends and relatives staying. Concerts to see Rammstein in London and Brum, trips to the RA to see Hockneys latest pics. A day in Oxford to see the Castle and prison.
The RA trip was lovely as the weather was warm and so a wander through Green Park to Buck House was very welcome after so many cold damp days.

But back to normal this week, and looking forward to some lovely long sessions


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