A busy weekend…

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

A very busy weekend, with furniture shopping for my partners new holiday cottage yesterday, and fitting out the kitchen with all the bits and bobs needed for someone staying in it.
Then a lovely quiet dinner for the two of us last night in our local favourite restaurant.
They have a conjurer there on Saturday eves and he is amazing. His slight of hand is stunning and he’s so fast you have no idea where the cards go!
Lovely guy too who was in the forces until invalided out, so spent a good few minutes being naughty and monopolising him in the restaurant until the chief waiter started to give him the evil eye!

So a very pleasant evening, topped off by nice long, if slightly chilly hand holding dog walk and then a large bunch of roses and HUGE card this morning, as we won’t be together on Tuesday.


So Mistress is all warm and gooey this morning…


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