Ball busting

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

I had a lovely session yesterday afternoon, with a sub I have known a while now and we tried some ball busting.

This is not something I have ever had a huge interest in, having seen it at a club a couple of years ago and feeling decidedly queasy while it was going on (it was a consensual non-con scene, which made it more uncomfy to watch)

I’m a firm believer in only doing things you either completely understand/ have experienced and as such since then have not taken any sessions involving it, as it’s the type of activity you either throw yourself into, or don’t.

However, yesterday was rather fun. An experiment for both of us, and I think thoroughly enjoyed by both of us. This was only with mostly, stockinged feet and it may take me a while to graduate to steel toe capped boots! (I have a cracking pair of New Rocks Reactors that would do the job well)

I have always enjoyed that you constantly learn in BDSM. Something that does not appeal one year, will open up and become exciting and understandable the next.

So if you’ve ever wanted your nuts squashed…I’m your girl!!!! :: evil grin::

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