Posted: January 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve had a lovely weekend, and feel rested and ready for a new busy week.I went to Pedestal on Friday eve and to be frank, it’s not a place for me. I’m pleased others enjoy it and it’s popular, but the place has the feel and style completely different to me and as such doesn’t make me comfy. I’ll stick to other places. On Saturday afternoon I had the opportunity for some play with a lovely femsub. Then it was off to see ‘The Iron Lady’ which I thought was brilliant and well worth seeing, and then a nice supper out. Today I have been Mrs Mop and done the housework, like a good little Mistress! I like to make sure everything is done how I like it, so best to do it myself. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone who is booked with me next week. MMx

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