A busy week 25/1/12

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s only Wednesday and it feels like Friday. One of those longish weeks which seems to be crawling along.

However, it’s been all good and I have fixed myself a little treat in Feb when my overseas friend comes to stay, plus, I bought three fabulous pairs of shoes in the sale on Monday…for half price of course, one of which will get an airing at Pedestal on Friday eve, if I ever make my mind up what I am wearing!

It’s stopped raining, cos it absolutely poured yesterday. Instead of taking the dog for a walk it was more a case of mud surfing across the field. He does pull hard and at 35kg is a big dog, so if I throw the ball, hang on to the lead and lean back in my wellies….we’re off!
After a couple of goes I saw sense and let him off…cos a face full of mud is not a fun thing! Mud packs may be good for the skin, but not when they are mixed with last years rapeseed stalks and essence of organic matter!

Anyhow, a free day today. Well, as free as a busy mum/Mistress/businesswoman gets and I’m out to lunch with family.

Be good…
cos if you’re not, I WILL find out.


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