Politics 15/1/12

Posted: January 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve just watched Ed Millipede on Andrew Marr’s Show this morning and the urge to string the silly bugger up by his ankles and thrash him is pretty strong.
He is a bit like a tiresome, obnoxious 6th former who hasn’t developed acne yet…
I do oddly miss old Blair, just cos at least he had some personality.

I spend an enormous amount of time reading. I always have done. Books, daily paper etc etc but the great delight of the internet for me was the ability to be able to read anything, anywhere at the touch of a button.
Educating ourselves, learning and the absorption of knowledge is a really important thing, and the net is the perfect place to do that. So I find it extraordinary that people only use it for Face Berk, Twit-ter, You Boob and other such daft things.
That’s not learning that’s just dirtying your nose in someone else’s business.
I’m all for audience participation stuff such as Live journal etc, but that’s sort of constructive…or it used to be.

In the time I’ve been around around online, since about ’98, the net has changed amazingly, mostly for the good, but the mass homogenisation of everything to a certain basic level is not a useful happening.
Dragging everything down to the lowest common denominator makes me want to gnash my teeth in irritation.
I know longer participate in any forums, boards or groups at all. NOT because I think I’m smarter, better, brighter, etc that anyone else, but because every single one I’ve every come across ends up degenerating into a school yard punch up over issues. The bullies win out, the close and narrow minded reign supreme.

Having run places as well as participated, I’ve seen both sides of the spectrum. And it’s not pretty.
But I still enjoy debates and discussions by email now, much easier.

I’m not quite sure where the point of this post is going except to say I miss things when the net was comparatively young and people were more tolerant. Or so it seemed.


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