Roll on Spring….8/1/12

Posted: January 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’m a summer baby.
Come the weekend the clocks go back in October, I develop the urge to find a snow hole and go to sleep for at least 4 months.
Now, anyone who wants to makes comparisons of me to a brown grizzly, may wish to cleanse their brains of that notion…:-P

But seriously I loathe the cold dark winter months. I’m just getting into my day at 3pm when it’s getting dark, and dark to me means ‘sleeping’. ( A few years ago, dark meant ‘clubbing’ but I’m a tad old for that now!)

So I am the person celebrating the 22nd Dec, not the 25th, cos then the days are getting loooooongerrrrrrrrrrr again.

But the last few days have been a pleasant exception, as I have a S.A.D light now…and being highly sceptical, I have to say they do actually work.
I have the bulb in my standard lamp, which I sit under for reading and puter work and it gives out a really clear bright white light.
I also make sure I go out to for at least 30 mins daylight EVERY day…regardless of how busy I am. I expect that is making a difference too, but I love my new light!!

Trying to find the time to get out and walk, with doggy normally, is hard at the moment. Work is nuts.
Domming work, puter work, home etc etc…
It’s all good, but it’s nice to have a few treats to look forward too.
So firstly, we’re off to the Festival or Speed at Goodwood in July for the weekend….wheeeeeeee!!! Fast cars, hot men and hopefully sunshine and lazing in front of Goodwood house watching the Hill Climb.
And then it’s a week in north Cumbria in August with family in a lovely farmhouse, on a farm…..surprise surprise…and it’s a working farm so I hope to have lambs, cooowsssssss and other small fluffy squwaky things to gawp and go ‘ahhhhhh’ at.
(right before my yob of a dog tries to eat them probably…)
Don’t know northern Cumbria at all, having only stayed in the more touristy areas but
Skiddaw is just down the road so a hike up there is on the cards, lots of Roman bits around the area, a nice beach nearby and fingers crossed some sun!!

So that’s all nice to look forward too.
But now, back to work this week…


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