How to mail a Mistress 3rd November 2011

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I think I may have posted before on how to mail a Mistress but let’s do it again shall we?

1) Never put you are a ‘genuine’ sub. Makes you sound pompous.
2) Never outline a scenario….I hate being dictated to. Even subtly…by all means tell me what you like, but lay off pushing a specific fantasy at me. It’s boring. I CAN make fantasies happen, but my way.
3) Try asking what the Mistress needs to know from you. Many Mistress’s actually put what they want to know from you on their websites…..

How to Book a session

I am available to discuss sessions and take bookings by email only. Please briefly outline what your interests are and details about the type of session you seek and when you wish to see me in your initial email.
Email – Mistress Mephisto
I hold a VERY limited number of sessions per week, be prepared to be flexible, and booking well in advance is the best bet to get your preffered time.
I aim to reply to all enquiries in 24 hours.

……so try following what she asks. Saying you the worlds greatest sub THEN proceeding to ignore her directions is a tad daft. How are you going to follow instructions during a session if you can’t do it in an email?

I KNOW it’s exciting to book and your all full of joy de vivre at the thought of kneeling at my feet but..seriously engage the brain and first and enjoy the fantasy thrill in the session afterwards.

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