Chilly October – 21st October 2011

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

I haven’t posted in a while and to be honest that’s cos I haven’t had much to post.

I’ve been trying to get stuck into doing lots of odd jobs round the house, in between the few sessions I have at the moment, before winter arrives.
My lovely slave’ M the Builder’ has been extremely helpful with painting my front door and other paintwork, fixing a loft ladder and other sundry chores that are a bit out of my league.
It’s hard as single lady to keep on top of all the little niggly jobs that need doing, as well as all the regular stuff.
Ho hum….but no moaning here, all the jobs will get done, and having a slave in nothing more than a builders work pouch an collar does tend to make it a lot more entertaining…..
:: evil grin::
Now, if I could find a car mechanic, accountant, painter and decorator, kitchen fitter and window fitter too, my life would be complete !!!

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