Forced Bi Play – 2nd September 2011

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

I get a lot of mails about this activity and it seems nothing excites many subs and slaves minds than being made to play sexually with another male sub.

I have held sessions of this kind before and thoroughly enjoy them, especially if it’s a first timer and they come with an open mind and an open mouth!
Most guys really enjoy it and I’ve never had anyone walk out as such. But that’s cos I spend and enormous amount of time chatting with the players beforehand.
Exciting as it is, many guys have completely out of the ordinary expectations and ideas. Once those are a little more grounded and usually with the help of a good tame bi sub I know, it all goes swimmingly.
I don’t offer such sessions for first timers with me. It’s a priviledge to have such a session and takes more organising than usual with a third party, so having had too many first timers chicken out early on, it’s for experienced subs only.
But if you fancy a different type of session then give it some thought.

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