Professionalism….30th August 2011

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Professionalism – a word often used and often in the wrong context.

I obviously use the internet to run my business. As such, I need forums, boards and places to advertise and ‘make my presence known’ but I wish to God sometimes I didn’t have to.
In the last few months/year or so there has been a huge influx of ladies/girls/tv’s offering domination services. I’m very sure some of them are the real thing, but many of them are not.
Some of them ask questions, make comments and generally say things on open websites which make me inwardly wince. Then the next post is about how they can’t get any business. No really?!
Regardless of how you see Domination, when you do it for a fee, it’s a business and you need to approach it with a degree of sense related to running any business. I have a degree in the Hospitality industry, which of course, involved learning everything from customer skills to double entry bookkeeping via which cleaners to scrub your lobby floor which although not directly to do with spanking bums has been invaluable.
I also come from a self employed family and have run, and been involved with other businesses over the years.
Plus having a business background teaches you other useful things too. Subtlety. Discretion. Patience and a host of other talents.
I should add that when you try to offer help and advice to these new ‘dommes’ invariably you get a mouthful of abuse…..
I suppose I shall have to just carry on grinding my teeth in frustration.

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