Weird emails…23rd July 2011

Posted: July 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yeah, well, I’m bound to get a few weird ones, by the very nature of the beast.

BUT when I get them asking what drugs are available during the session, even I have to raise an eyebrow.
So having taken a moment to think, wonder if I am just woefully naive I then decide to do some research.
In short, I have discovered some Mistress’s do indeed offer illegal drugs during sessions. WTF?
As if what we are already involved in is not, often, illegal enough…some people want to bring substance abuse into the picture too.
The mind boggles.
The whole point of a session, to me, is the feeling and experience. How can you do that when you’re off your head?
For the record, I don’t do or offer drugs, even as soft and soppy as an aspirin upwards. Don’t need them, want them or want any sub I session with on them.
The whole point of Domination is CONTROL….can’t do that if you are not completely in control of yourself. And no one taking drugs is in complete control of themselves. Full stop.

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