Phew…Monday again! 11th July 2012

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Goodness, we’re back to the top of the week again.

This year has just flown by for me and I have so many new things going on, and lifestyle changes it’s almost mind boggling….but all very welcome and enjoyable.
Had a fabulous weekend, especially the club on Saturday eve. Loads of very sexy play with two femsubs for a change. Norty Mistress!
I hope one or two bits of them are nice and sore this morning.
I’m still looking for a sub to try out my new venue. Your all being terribly quiet and reserved at the moment, which is most unlike many of you.
I have been and had a good look round and play with things and would also like to add that at this venue there will be more time after a session to wind down and relax and not have to leave so quickly, as for the moment, they are scheduling a hours turn around between clients using the dungeon. That will be a blessing as it can be a bit hectic at times after a session and I’d often like to be able to sit and chat for longer after we’ve played.
Anyhow, kit cleaning and chores today.
Birthday on Wednesday….

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